A Safety Minute July – 2018

From the Desk of Travis Bond
This is the first letter of many to come for all of us who take safety in the workplace seriously and how to help others be mindful of its severity.

Safety is something that has been a passion to me and my career. From the man working on the barges with the tugboats, to the tool pusher on the rigs , to the captains on the ships and the superintendents and welders pushing pipe, and to the hands in the field on the construction site and shipyards. It all has one common purpose, to keep you and those around you ALIVE! My mission is to bring awareness to those who are new and are afraid to ask questions , to those who are the veterans and could use a refresher and to bring new ideas of safety to the table and at the same time (ready for this) COST EFFECTIVE.

My pledge is to make safety cost effective and to prove that all projects can be completed with ZERO INCIDENTS.

With our services at Total Backing Safety we will show you, your business and your employees how to be aware of hazards and how to implement safety measures. I look forward to helping each and every one of you who visit this site or our Linked In page.