A Safety Minute-August 2018

A Safety Minute

From the Desk of Travis Bond

COO Total Backing Safety


When it comes to safety, I am always asked, “What is the biggest problem you see in the field?”  I always reply with the same answer, “So many accidents can be prevented by conducting a Job Hazards Analysis.” As an auditor for my clients I always ask to see their JHAs. Why? Good question! For many years in the field you are taught to be safe and take all necessary precautions.  Well how do you determine that? First, you must write out your job tasks in steps. From gathering the proper working tools and equipment, to inspecting the equipment, right?  Some jobs require certain permits such as, confined space or hot work permits, or even notifying other workers in your work area to keep them aware of any risks. This allows you to pay attention to every detail so you do not forget a step that may save your life or a co-worker’s life. It should be taken very seriously. So for this safety minute I ask you to take the proper amount of time before your job operation to do a Job Hazards Analysis. As always, if you have any questions on this Safety Minute topic or any other topics in safety you may need, give us a call.